Training Course – Level 1

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Training Level 1

May 4th + 5 th 2024 in Tuscany. Only level 1 .

Registration deadline January 31 th 2024

June 11th + 12th 2024 in Tuscany , one week all level togehter in the beautiful old town of San Gimignano

Registration deadline April 30 th 2024


  • Musicoterapia con l’arpa with 112 strings, by Monika Paul
  • Learning to play with the right frequency, rhythm and ease
  • Understand what Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Einstein, Emoto wanted to tell us
  • Reading and diagnosing body, mind and soul
  • Breathing technique the pranayama
  • The singing of the Bija Mantra

The course is open to ALL, especially for naturopaths, music therapists, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, masseurs, beauticians, musicians ecc..

Where: Centro Minerva Benessere in Via Borgaccio 104 Poggibonsi (Siena) Tuscany Italy



MUSICOTERAPIA CON L’ARPA – Sound and Vibration -Therapy with the harmonic bed

This is a very ancient method, which dates back to Pythagoras, who lived in 530 A.C.. The great mathematician and philosopher, he sensed the laws of musical harmony and built the musical scale, which was used until the middle Ages.Sustained that harmony arising from music stimulated joy, harmony and inner order. Used are different types of music to treat the depression, to appease violent emotions, melancholy, sadness, bad moods


it is a tool that emits Alpha waves. From the earliest times to the present day, scholars believe that alpha waves can be a very useful tool to cure, as they are able to resonate our being. Resonance means, to vibrate everything on the same wavelength and therefore with harmony. Our brain is divided into two hemispheres joined by the corpus callosum.
Every hemisphere has precise tasks.

Right hemisphere: …………..
Left hemisphere: ……………

Many times one hemisphere is more active than the other, but if there were greater balance between them, one could live more in harmony with oneself and with the outside world.

The simplest and most effective instrument for balancing the power of the two hemispheres is sound, in fact every brain activity emits particular waves, which can resonate with external sound waves. Alpha waves (frequency from 7 to 13 Hz) are associated with an alert but relaxed state of mind: the calm and receptive mind is focused on solving external problems.


Vibration is an oscillating movement around a point of equilibrium. When this movement is produced, for example, by a string we can obtain a sound vibration that will be different depending on the length of the vibrating object and the starting voltage. A thin, short and taut string will produce a sharp sound, while a thick, long and slightly tense string will give a serious one.


In many cultures there is a trace of the power of vibration; such as the OM sound which is often depicted in its original written form: The healing power of sound and music was already known in millennia as well as that of the voice. Over time, the healing powers of sound and voice have remained confined within monastic communities, such as Tibetan, or practiced by shamans of various cultural traditions. But today the sound and its healing powers have entered hospital practice, especially in the USA, Switzerland and Germany.


The vibrations propagate in the water at a speed of about 1500 meters per second compared to 331 meters per second of the air. The water then transmits the sound at a speed of almost 5 times greater. Just think of the dolphins and whales that, with their infrasound and ultrasound, are able to communicate with each other up to a hundred kilometers away. Water is a very absorbent element and able to maintain vibration, in the form of information, even for a long time. The studies of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto have highlighted this particular quality. Through water stimulated by different information it was possible to measure its effect through the photograph of the various crystals of water that formed.

Masaru Emoto on the bed of harmony


To broaden the argument it is useful to say that the human body is made up of a vibratory set of different frequencies: an orchestra that plays the melody of our life! Most of these sounds are in the inaudible threshold on the physical level, but subtle perceptions can help us in this sense. Our organs are therefore the instruments of our Body, and according to the Harmony of Nature and Wellness they should always be in resonance between of them. Anunintellated instrument is equivalent to a sick or weak organ that will not be able to emit its natural harmonic frequency. With the passage of time this dissonance can result in illness causing us to feel physical and / or emotional discomfort. Through the deep listening of the Sound, our body has the faculty of re-tuning to the right frequency of Nature, also called the Harmonic Frequency, and thus rediscovering its Natural Well-being.

How do I work today?

Therapy Analysis 1. Precise analysis of the energetic personality
(Body Mind and Soul)

  1. At this point begins the second part of the treatment. The first step will be to dissolve the energy blocks


  1. Finally, to complete your personal journey, you will receive instructions to perform some exercises at home.




What is the way forward?


Musicoterapia con l’arpa with a 112 strings in combination with:

– Tuning forks terapy

– Tibetan singing bowls

– breathing exercises and pranayama

– Nada Yoga

– Chakra terapy

– harmonic songs

– meditation

– Consulting and transaction analysis of Bern

Then there is the area of pure body related therapy and the field of spiritual work.


I offer training seminars in 60 hours in4langwich: German, Italian, English and Spanish in Tuscany (Italy) in the healing center Minerva Benessere.

Ask for the program at e-mail.

Sale of the bed of harmony can be requested with / no training.

This is made according to many years of experience from resonance wood.


However, I am available for further questions or clarifications.

Best sound of vibration

Monika Paul

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