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A treatment with Musicoterapia con l’Arpa®

Home Step 1 of Therapy
The recipient lays relaxed on the harmonic music at the hamonic bed, which is in all aspects a musical instrument, allowing himself to be completely enveloped by sound and vibrations.

Home Step 2 of Therapy
Start listening to your body, emotions and mind and his reactions to the vibrations of the harmonic bed.
Once the listening phase is finished, the results are evaluated with a professional to pass to the healing phase.

Home Step 3 of Therapy
During the healing phase only the harmonic bed and the knowledge of the Musicoterapia con l’arpa is used. But also accompanied with other harmonic instruments such as: Tibetan bells, Diapason, Hang, Tank Drum, Carillo sounds etc. Or with the Song of Mantra and Nada Yoga. Etc.
Also important is the free breathing, it will be taught with Pranayama and Middendorf methods.

A further help might be coming from saying a prayer, depending on the religion or spirituality of the patient.

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