Bach Path - Amelia

I immediately had strong vibrations to the eyes that then disappeared into a wonderful relaxation. Afterwards I felt my belly at the level of the third chakra vibrate like I have never heard before. In the end, my whole body was vibrating as if someone was caressing me with a feather. At the beginning of the treatment I felt the sound concentrating on the 1st chakra and then a feeling of suffering arose on the heart 4th chakra. In the second treatment, I felt the sound rising, flowing; it filled my feet with heat and brought energy to the chakras. It brought balance, fullness, and compactness.

Verdi Path - Simona

Vibrations in the abdomen (Lymphoma in the belly). On the wonderful special wooden bed I started to feel relaxing vibrations on the whole body. And then inside. Slowly I realized that the most sensitive point to vibrations is the abdomen. We then worked on breathing to relax the 2nd and 3rd Chakras. Now I am happy and hopeful.

Schubert Path - Rachele

I felt a tight choking sensation on the throat. A tingling under the belly button and on the back. But also serenity. Together with Monika, I did a breathing exercise on the second and fifth chakra. During the second part of the treatment, I felt heat on my nape and my solar plexus and heart setting free. I had a vision of my late mother who smiled at me while she caressed my face. Serenity.

Percorso Vivaldi - Vania

My name is Vania and I am pregnant and expecting on May 6th, only a few days left. I just experienced the vibrations of the harmonic bed. At first I was a little tense, my baby moved a lot and his presence made me increase my breathing. I felt greater vibrations to the chest and to the lumber regions, perhaps the emotions. Then he calmed down and so did I. I felt complete relaxation and a deep sense of peace from my feet to my head. Thank you.

Beethoven Path - Lorenza

I am Lorenza and I have relaxed a lot. The vibrations were intense, perceived mainly on the whole right side of the body, shoulders and legs. After doing the kinesiological eight, I perceived the vibrations also in a diagonal sense, starting from the right lower limbs going upwards on the left side. The feeling was very pleasant and relaxing.

Mozart Path - Valeria

My name is Valeria and I am 32 years old. I am the mother of a child of two and a half years. The harp is a wonderful experience, in addition to the relaxation that the sound of the harp gives you, was the fact that, all the time, one part of my body (one leg) has perceived most of the vibrations and it actually was the leg that had suffered the greatest trauma over the years. Monika taught me an exercise to do to find balance. Then she has started playing again and I felt the vibrations in the center of my back. Again, she explained what could have been the reasons for it. It was an amazing experience.

Chopin Path - Chiara

Hi I am Chiara, I chose the Chopin path because I want to try special and unique experiences, to share immediately with my baby on the way. I want something we can experience together ... until our hearts beat in each other. They told me that our child can already hear sounds and music, and when I discovered the ‘Musicoterapia con l’arpa I was fascinated by the amazement. Perhaps it is a sign of the Universe ... sent from heaven specifically to us. "Music is the only thing that hits you when it hits you," says Bob Marley. This is exactly what I want ... experiences that do good, that know how to bring so much emotion to enrich all the beauty of this pregnancy. And when we finally look into each other's eyes ... we will smile together.