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Harmonic bed

Harmonic bed – “ Musicoterapia con l’arpa ® “

112 strings harmonic bed a new way at Music Medicine by Monika Paul .

A research work of many years. 112 strings: a sacred number chosen from the Kabballah wisdom.

Built to resonate on 432 Hz frequency, it’s also made with Val di Fiemme spruce, the resonance wood for excellence.

We chose 432 Hz, because of the difference with 440 Hz, concering effects on human being.

The same principle was used by the major composers of the world, as Mozart, Vivaldi and Stradivari to make their own violins.

Furthermore, you may check Dr Virchow works about cells studies.

The vibrational power of the 112 strings harmonic bed makes the sound transmission extraordinary,

enhancing the resulting human reading and the therapy itself;

taught in three levels 60 hours each, by Monika Paul.

Unique method in the world, it’s taught in 4 different languages: Italian, German, French and Spanish.

Exclusively made by the Company E. Ciresa srl, specialized in harmonic fir tables, world leader in stringed musical instruments.

Info at: ENRICO CIRESA SRL – Loc. Piera, 18 – 38038 TESERO (TN) – Val di Fiemme Italy

Ph. Nr. + 39 0462813262 mail :ciresa@ciresafiemme.it


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