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A healing method that works with music and medicine. Based on the knowledge of vibrations, performed on the 112-string harmonic sound bed in 432 Hz. An exclusive brand. A complex and advanced method derived from the monochord. What are the theoretical foundations of this method? Based on the knowledge of Pythagoras, Fibonacci, Klass. Homeopathy, Masaru Emoto and his knowledge of water, Ayurveda and TCM.
Everyone has their own individual cell and body vibrations and consists of 70% water. When we get sick, this cell frequency changes. The vibrations generated by the strings of the armonic sound bed show where the interference fields are and can also be used to change the cell structure again, i.e. to restore the inner balance. So to bring the frequency of each individual cell into its harmonic and natural rhythm.
A method that affects the energy of the individual in the here and now. Disharmony can be turned into harmony. Applies to acute and chronic problems or diseases in which energy can be changed. The process that is inherent in vital dynamics. (Lebenskraft). Healing takes place in the deepest layers of the human being until the most superficial levels can be reached. Healing therefore has its own exact logic. In addition, healing takes place according to two other principles: from top to bottom and in the reverse chronological sense. As for the reverse chronological sense, the youngest symptoms are the first, the oldest the last. The vibrations will affect the physical and emotional state. So: Human can be healed.
Individual treatment Workshop in groups Training for professionals How do you become a sound therapist using the Musicoterapia con l'Arpa method? Contact and enrollment in the training course
Suitable for various professionals: Doctors, masseurs,, hospice staff midwives, naturopaths, musicians, music therapists, natural doctors, natur practitioner, nursing staff, nursing assistants, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists teachers etc. How long are the courses? Our training is intensive and compact: 60 hours in three stages As a result, we grant considerable economic and time savings
Minerva Benessere Center in Poggibonsi in Tuscany. Where can I find more information and can I register for the courses? via our website: https://www.musicoterapiaconlarpa.com/en or directly: monika.paulid@gmail.com at the following number: 00393488972254