About Musicoterapiaconlarpa®



It is a method that combines Music and Medicine. It is a registered trademark of Monika Paul.

In practicing the method, the vibrations and sounds emitted by the strings of the harmonic bed are used.

Music therapy with the 112 string harp is based on the teaching of Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Hahnemann, Einstein, Virchow, Emoto, 432 Hz, Alpha waves, Fibonacci numbers, Ayurveda with Nada Yoga and Pranayama, TCM with the knowledge of 5 elements and meridians and their correspondences to musical vibrations.

What led you to music therapy with the harp?

I was inspired by the study on the memory of water by Masaru Emoto, whom I met personally and who experienced music therapy with the harp firsthand.

However, I focused on the vibrations of Alpha waves that Music Therapy with the harp stimulates in our body through the harmonic bed.

In my method I use the harmonic bed with 112 strings, which is an exclusive of mine and it is an evolution compared to the monochord bed.

The vibrations propagate to be absorbed in the form of information and allow a reading of the body in some way comparable to an X-ray.

But it is also much more.

It is an art and a treatment to lead body, emotions and mind towards a deep feeling of relaxation, a state of well-being that dissolves energy blocks.

It is a technique suitable for all ages and also in pregnancy and menopause.

Regarding the treatment, how often is it indicated?

Are there various possibilities, according to different situations?

I recommend a weekly session, but a monthly frequency can also be indicated.

It is also possible to start with a single session to experiment with the method and decide together if and how to continue the path.

How does music therapy work with the harp?

The human body is made up of cells and the cells are full of energy.

Each organ vibrates with its own frequency, we can really say that our body is in constant vibration.

When we get sick the frequency of the cells changes.

With the vibration produced by the strings of the harmonic bed, an attempt is made to bring the frequency of these cells back into balance, by intervening on the liquid element of our body.

In fact, we all know that the human body is made up of 60-80% water.

This process can lead to various benefits for the body, emotions and mind.

What are the benefits?

Being a method that works on energy blocks it is obvious that the benefits will be seen on both the physical and emotional state of the person.

For example, if a person does not find a remedy for back pain due to stress with other therapies, undergoing a session of Music Therapy with the Harp will certainly have considerable relief.

Is it possible to become a Music Therapist operator with the Harp?


We carry out different types of training courses and workshops.

It is suitable for various professionals involved in the health and social field, such as music therapists and therapists, musicians, naturopaths, psychologists, nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs, teachers, speech therapists, some specializations of medicine, such as otolaryngologists, those who they work in obstetrics and gynecology, beauticians and all the new figures of wellness operators. To name a few.

How does Music Therapy training with the Harp work?

Our courses are very compact and intensive, this avoids spending years in training and ensures that there is also a considerable saving in economic terms

There are three different levels of training at our headquarters in Poggibonsi in Tuscany.

In summary:

In the 1st level of Music Therapy with the harp you learn to play the harmonic bed with 112 strings at 360 degrees and to read the human body.
In the 2nd level you learn the cure. We also use other harmonic instruments such as ildiapason or Tibetan bells to bring the vibrations of the human body back into balance. The middle road.
In the 3rd level of Music Therapy with the harp you learn to use the Alpha and Theta Waves in a more spiritual path.

Where is it possible to do a treatment?

At the Minerva Wellness Center in Poggibonsi.

We have several possibilities to do a treatment:

1 ° By booking private sessions

2 ° By making themselves available for multisensory sessions during our training courses, with free offer.

3 ° By participating in workshops / internships in groups at the Minerva Wellness Center or in collaboration with other centers.

What are the next appointments for the training courses?

The new training courses will begin in October 2020.

You can find the updated dates of our activities in the training section

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The Minerva Wellness Center is located in Poggibonsi in Via Borgaccio 104